Why Are Bloody Games Created?

Bloody games may seem scary and violent. From the kind of title alone, one can definitely guess these games are brutal and always looking for some life to kill. Yes this is how bloody games are. These are created for entertainment and to awake the people from reality. That these games do not happen in online games only but it can happen in real life. As these bloody games are based on real stories.


Based from movies

http://bloodygames.info are based from stories, from famous movies that gamers are always have been wanting to play. These games are cool to the gamers. That is because they’re able to kill zombies or sharks or monsters that in real life they cannot. Thy can also be called stress relievers, just like in the movies. Watching bloody movies is like the feeling of playing bloody games. There is an emotion invested in being scared and being strong in facing the game.


For Money

You just have to face the truth, creating bloody games maybe violent and scary but for some this is real entertainment. These are created because they are based from movies and people always are looking for innovative ways in extending the movies through games. This is where there is a continuous flow of money and this is called business in creating games.


New game, new creation

Game creators need to create new games since gamers are easily bored. That is why bloody games are already very famous and popular nowadays because this is also a way of expressing oneself when gamers are angry or depressed. This kind of game may become a stress reliever to them.


For excitement and action

Creating new games are good news to gamers. That is giving them another reason to let them stay for long in front of the gadget or computer. Perhaps most gamers who are excited to play fighting, shooting or action games are adult men and teenage boys and little boys. These kinds of games are always looking for some action because these games make them release their inner child and makes them become stronger. That is how these bloody games affect gamers like them.

Releases mix emotions

Some gamers find I pleasing and they feel happy to be able to play bloody games. It can release the feelings out from them. It allows them to release their negative feelings like anger, hatred, sadness and depression. These are feelings that need to be taken out of a person. These are created for people who have these kinds of feelings and they are great stress busters.


Though you may think that bloody games are violent but these are very helpful in way it teaches gamers how to handle emotions. Emotions that are needed to be freed, But still there is an important role to be played by parents and that is to guide their children in playing these bloody games and to limit them from playing these, as it becomes an addictive habit.


The Reason Behind The Addictive Violent Games


There are a lot of people around the globe who are very fond of playing videogames and computer games, especially games like Call of Duty, San Andreas GTA and other violent games. Obviously, these games are addictive as you see that the players who play these games spend very long hours just to finish their mission and be able to upgrade their level. If you aren’t a player yourself, you will never understand what these gamers feel and think while they play these violent games, probably you are one of the guys playing on sites like this http://gryminecraft.net. To give you a hint about their addiction to these kind of games, some of the possible reasons as to why these violent games are addictive will be mentioned later on. Maybe through this, you can now grasp the idea why a lot of people keep playing these games and are difficult to stop in achieving every level.


According to Psychology, one of the main reasons why these violent games are addictive is the fact that it gives the players a sense of control. Control in their characters and its destiny inside the game. As human beings, it is human nature to want to gain power and control over things that is why people love playing these videogames. Through the violent games’ characters they can achieve these sense of control over things. It gives them fulfillment. Violent games also give players the adrenaline rush, which is a euphoric feeling to people. This adrenaline rush triggers a sense of excitement and thrill to players, making them addicts to these games. This adrenaline is one of the body’s natural chemicals that helps you feel good and feel active and alert.


In fact, there are also a lot of people put there who do death-defying acts just to feel this adrenaline rush. So there is no question as to why this adrenaline causes the addiction of violent games. Also, violent games helps player to release their anxiety and stress caused by the chaos of the real world. Some of the players just play these violent games to escape reality and be able to release the tension of their life through defeating their enemies and its troops. These violent games are not only for entertainment; they can also become an outlet to vent your emotions too. Violent games as bad as it sounds isn’t bad at all, in fact it really can help a lot of players out there to switch their aggressive behaviors into playing mode.


Through these games, instead of breaking plates and glasses at home, players can easily turn on their play station and computers and bring their rage inside the game. Last but definitely not the least, another reason that these violent games are addictive is that the sense of completion and achievement the players feel after achieving all the levels of the game. Most players especially the hardcore gamers became anxious if they will not be able to proceed to the next level and try harder each time to achieve their goal. This is a good exercise for your own self especially in relation to achieving your goals in real life. If in these games you learn not to give up in every hard level, you will also never stop trying in pursuing you real life goals. Does that make sense? It can help strengthen your character towards achieving your life goals. Now you already know these things, you will never be surprised again as to why gamers are addicted to violent games.

Aggression in Relation to Shooting Games


One of the most rampant entertainment games for children and teens is shooting games, army games and other violent games. These games bring excitement to players as they conquer another troop and set of players online or offline. Most of these violent games as they imply show aggressive behavior like killing, punching, shooting, and breaking another player’s characters. It is not actually a good role model for players especially those children as it may have a negative effect on them. You already know that most things are learned by children through imitation and copying something from someone. And so letting them play these shooting games and killing games might actually trigger aggression to them. A research conducted showed that children who constantly play violent games are far more aggressive than those who don’t. Their aggressive behavior showed that they copied if from the shooting games and killing games they are always playing. It might be true as already mentioned that these children learn through imitation. The acts done in these shooting games are appealing to a player’s eyes and thus he/she tends to copy it and do the act for real.


There are also research studies that say that playing violent videogames like shooting games does not give players aggressive behavior. The study says instead of triggering aggression to players, shooting games help release stress and anger. Instead of actual aggression, shooting games becomes the venting activity of players that will help in managing their anger. In this view, the shooting games as you see is an advantage, especially for those who don’t have anger management. Instead of throwing things inside the house, they can just turn their videogames and play to be able to vent out their anger. In cases like this, you can see that shooting games does not trigger aggressive behavior—instead it helps lessen it. On the other hand, some researchers also says that playing shooting games and violent games does not give players aggressive behavior and that it only gives them aggression if they are misguided while playing. It may be true that children tend to imitate what they can see but with proper parental guidance, aggression can still be avoided. You can say that aggression in relation to these violent games only depends on how parents guide and control their children in regards to these violent games. If parents just know how to educate their children who play such games, these shooting games and combat games will be as harmless same with those other kind of videogames.


Therefore, these shooting games only pose aggression to its players if they are not guided well. This applies especially to young players who constantly play these games and who are exposed to violent games for long hours. On the other hand if their parents and guardians know how to guide them while playing and teach them that violence is never an answer in solving a problem, aggressive behavior will be likely not to occur to these children. It all comes down to the fact that playing violent games like combat games and shooting games needs proper education and guide so that you will not apply the aggressive acts you see while playing them.